musa – The Adaptor

there was a very big reason behind the creation of this device, ANGER. we always wanted a device that can do the job at the same time be very comfortable and reliable. we first made “musa” for our office use using DIY pcb boards and kept on improving it for show, increased its capabilities as we do a lot of heavy work which requires a strong device which can handle the load. it took us alot of efforts and hard work to come to a point where the design is robust and the load capability is A+. this is not just another adaptor, this is a statement.

Beauty with a Beast


why do you have to put in a cable,

why do you have to take up space,

why do you have to be so limited,

why do you have to be so ugly,

why do you have to be so costly,

these were the things we kept on thinking while using some of the best products out there in the market, nothing added up so we made something which answered all our questions. maybe this is the key to your anger and uncomfortableness.